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Kadampa Meditation Centre Manchester

Kadampa Meditation Centre Manchester is a registered charity that has been successfully running meditation classes in Manchester for around 20 years. We now have a large property in Chorlton containing a beautiful, spacious meditation room.  We hold popular Buddhist meditation classes and events almost every day, which you are welcome to attend.

 The benefits of meditation are immeasurable. Through training in meditation you will attain spiritual realizations which will lead you to permanent liberation from all the sufferings if this life and future lives. There is no greater meaning than this.  Even temporarily, whenever you experience problems, unpleasant feelings, depression or unhappiness you can solve those problems immediately by transforming your mind into peace through meditation. The benefits of meditation are immeasurable.

Through practicing Buddha’s teachings you can solve your daily problems such as the problems of jealousy, anger and attachment. You can maintain a peaceful mind all the time so that you will be happy all the time. You can maintain harmony and good relationships with your family, friends and others so that you can make others happy too.

Especially you can make you human life very meaningful.

We have a shop selling Buddhist books and art, and a World Peace Cafe open Thursday – Sundays. The Centre is also home to a residential spiritual community of around ten people, and hosts many kind volunteers who help us to maintain and run the Centre.

We are easy to find and you are welcome to pop in and chat about meditation or to find out more about Buddhism or living and volunteering at the Centre.

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