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 Claude Mouteng   Is a Dental professional by qualification with great  experience in empowering communities.  She is a business owner and  Executive Director of  kalak Healthcare, a project manager and coordinator of   PaceSetters program. For twelve years she has coordinated children ministries around various religious settings withing london, organised camps and trips through europe, she often says " I find myself around children because they are pur"

Her love for children and youth has  made her set herself three objectives, to inform, educate and to empower populations with the same goal of changing their life style through quality improvement,  by engaging civic responsibility and consistency in cooperating with communities.

A writter and motivator speaker, she host healthty living and spiritual growth seminars within  various communities around europe.

"It goes without saying that knowledge not implemented is almost nonexistent, sharing knowledge through good practice enriches more and become a permanent fixure in people lives"Claude Mouteng

“One thing I have noticed  throughout my journey so far is that the Door of knowledge in closed, the key is visible on the table but only few can open the door, because few were taught how to use the key. If our children can not learn how to stay healthy physically and spiritually, or be part of the decision taken for their welfare, they will never confidently stay away from disease, because they will simply lack the knowledge to do so.” Claude Mouteng  Ms Mouteng is based in the United Kingdom and has two children.


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