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Krisz Rokk, CEO of Strength In Business

Krisz Rokk is a successful business owner, marketing advisor, author, podcaster and International speaker. She is the CEO of Strength In Business, a global marketing consultancy company providing education, coaching and training to help savvy small business owners grow their businesses by implementing sustainable marketing systems, processes and strategies.

Krisz has 20 years of marketing & sales experience, encompassing work with thousands of business owners and corporates in a variety of industries. Prior to joining the entrepreneurial community, she worked as a successful Marketing and Sales Manager for several global multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola, GfK, ABB, Freudenberg and Information Resources Inc.

She uses her valuable corporate experience and knowledge to help business owners boost their profits and increase client retention by implementing cutting edge marketing systems and strategies.

Krisz is the Founder of Europe's leading Social Advertising Academy.

Krisz is the author of the Amazon bestseller "Die Podcasting-Goldgrube" (German edition), "7 Bewährte Facebook Advertising Tipps für Anfänger" (German edition), "The Marketing Triangle" and "The Scuba Entrepreneur".

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