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Lisbon Street Art Tours

We are an enthusiastic team from different parts of the world, all passionate about art. Our project started in Lisbon 7 years ago as the first ones to share our knowledge about the Lisbon's street art and graffiti scenery. Through our walking tours, we want to introduce you into the history and into the different styles and techniques of many (inter)national street artists.


This tour is for anyone who wants to discover Lisbon for the first time or wants to dig into this vivid city through an artistic and fun way, may it be as a street art hunter, -lover, or -wanna-be... It brings people together from all over the world. We invite you into a cultural and immersive dialogue, based on the edu-tainment principle, which means having fun while learning something new.


Taking our tours makes you contribute to the art-scenery of Lisbon as part of the money earned goes to our yesyoucan.spray collective ( We organize paintjams and workshops with artists from, based in or just passing through Lisbon.



For more information about the open tour, our collective or to book a private tour please contact us:

(+351) 920 232 229



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