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How To Remain Sane In Our Insane World!

We live in insane times! People need to isolate themselves because of the Corona virus. The climate is changing. Governments become more harder and more authoritarian in their policies. Society is becoming more unequal, with more people struggling to survive, while those at the top seem to be able to get away with almost anything. Racism and bigotry seem to affect more and more individuals. In these insane times, it is totally normal to feel that you are sometimes losing it. All of us are under pressure. All of us struggle.


COVID-19 support groups

MentalHealth4All seeks to create a safe space for everyone to slip past the labels and boxes that society has placed us in, to come together in solidarity, and share worries or hopes about the future for the society we live in. In our Covid-19 support meetings, we can share any thoughts and feelings, whether they are related to what is going on in society or not. The main aim is to organise a space where everyone can voice themselves -or be silent and listen-, be actively heard and understood with empathy, and feel supported by each other. Because we believe in the power of coming together, to break the isolation, and stay sane together in our insane world!


Training for practitioners & public

MentalHealth4All offers professional training by world-leading experts on psychology and mental health. All training events and workshops are accessible to the general public, and to practitioners in mental health care, psychotherapies, psychiatry and pastoral care in particular. All events will give a CPD certificate of attendance.

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