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Open 2 Flow assists organisations to make wiser decisions, increase innovation, and improve work, communication and cash flow by engaging the hearts and minds of its members and clients. Our focus is on instilling a lean-flow integrated thinking to improve both productivity and sustaninability.

Our approach to leadership is holistic and partcipative - with a focus on tapping into a group's innate cobollarative wisdom, to achieve innovation and wiser leadership in the face of complexity, diversity and uncertainty.

VISION: We want to see:

  • A world with organisations governed by all its members openly, inclusively and equivalently.
  • Peaceful relations across borders through cross-cultural understanding. 
  • Collective wisdom enabling a leaner, smarter and more sustainable world.

MISSION: To achieve our vision our purpose is to

  • train leaders in more open, lean and collaborative styles of governance,
  • coach entrepreneurs in engaging the hearts and minds of their staff & clients, and 
  • facilitate organisations in making wiser more sustainable decisions.

AIMS: To achieve our mission we seek to delivering high quality services in:

  • Facilitation (Sociocracy, intercultural simulations, Open Space)
  • Workshops (online, groups interaction) & interactive learning materials
  • Consultancy in lean workflow turnarounds & collaborative decision-making

We value peace and harmony, truth and honesty, equivalence of humans, dignity and integrity, and collaboration towards the common good.

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