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Punjab Research Group


The Punjab Research Group is a group of independent and interdisciplinary individuals engaged in Punjab Studies.


The PRG was founded in April 1984 when a group of scholars came together due to their common interest in Punjab and Punjabis. Early 1984 was a tense period in Punjab and for Punjabi communities in the UK, culminating in Operation Blue Star in June 1984. The group was organised as an informal academic forum in the area of Punjab Studies. The PRG was established on the basis that it would be inclusive and all-embracing on issues pertaining to the three Punjabs (Indian Punjab, Pakistani Punjab and the Punjabi diaspora).


During the past three decades, it has allowed academics to interact with each other regardless of territorial or disciplinary borders. This is especially important given the often strained relationship between India and Pakistan which has prevented academic discourses taking place between scholars in East and West Punjab. Furthermore, it also reflects the growing importance of the Punjabi diaspora community in the UK. The PRG has therefore been able to act as a bridge between the three Punjabs, through its conferences that take place at least twice a year. We are particularly keen to encourage more young scholars to join our discussions, by contributing their fresh research insights, whilst also gaining the opportunity to engage with seasoned academics in the field.


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