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RedBlack (Artist/Curator):

RedBlack's Sculptural practice investigates caribbean shamanism. RedBlack produces sacred objects termed as Vessels which aim to absorb and reconfigure the sacred sculptural methodologies of his ancestors. RedBlack is the last shaman of his bloodline and aims to immerse the viewer in his universe known as the Red Abyss.

When the viewer is brought into contact with RedBlack's Vessels they are introduced to what he would call livingbeings. The Vessels are installed in otherworldly installations which offer the viewer a glimpse into darkness.

Ninka Duval (Jeweller/Curator):

Ninka is obsessed with architecture/history and the natural world. She is overall fascinated by 'structure', the structure of ancient buildings/cities to the structure of trees (considering them natural architectural forms). Her practice by nature is fragmented, her artistic vision translates imagery into precise snippets. Ninka's snippets translate the world at large into a selfmade collage. Ninka merges images such as an ancient castle steeple and a tunnel to produce deeply meditative, minimalist and elegant pieces. 

RedBlack & Ninka = R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-Curation:

R-e-d-B-l-a-c-k-Curation aims to unite artists who explore themes such as shamanism, psychology and politics to produce shows that speak about the otherworldly.

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