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Redeeming Our Communities

About Redeeming Our Communities (ROC)

About ROC - The Community Engagement Charity

ROC empowers 'people of goodwill working together for safer, stronger communities'.

In these days, where communities are struggling to make ends meet with reduced services our work is needed more than ever before.

The first part of our vision statement is 'People of goodwill' - ROC works with many difference agencies including public services, statutory authorities, schools, businesses, community organisations, churches and faith groups. People who agree that communities are important and that we can all play our part. People from different backgrounds, with different beliefs and different cultural influences who all share a common vision: to make their community stronger.

The common vision enables them to look beyond their differences and pool their energies and resources making local communities stronger, more cohesive and resilient.  Step one is to get different groups together to focus on new ways of collaborating for the common good.

But 'Working Together' is the magic ingredient. Joining forces saves time and money and makes for more effective results. Our ROC Conversation engagement events have brought hundreds of people together to talk about community needs and agree what else can be achieved. After the Conversation an Action Group starts which gets new projects off the ground quickly and cost effectively. It's a ROC Conversation with results.

What we all want to see is safer, stronger communities, that's the outcome of our collaboration. Safe places where young people can thrive, families receive the support they need and we reduce social isolation faced by those who are lonely.

Please join us on the journey.