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SPACE is a Hertfordshire based charity (no.1172178) supporting families with neurodiverse children and young people; those who are Autistic and/or have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or related conditions. 


We support our families in many different ways:
We offer numerous monthly support groups running in various locations in Hertfordshire, creating a friendly and informal way of meeting other parent/carers in a relaxed, safe environment . These groups are also attended and supported by many professionals giving families an opportunity to find out about SEND services and how to access them.


SPACE deliver Licensed and Accredited training courses including ADHD, Autism, Sleep, Navigating the SEND World, ECHP's, Sensory, The Teen Brain and Tourettes etc.

We deliver several workshops and conferences throughout the year.


We run bespoke social events for parent/carers, children/young people with special eduactional needs and/or disabilities, siblings and families. We know how difficult it can be to access activities and events and the impact this can have on the family unit.
We also offer support via social media and email.