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T&W Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

Becoming a FORS practitioner

In 2013, workshop delegates from FORS accredited companies continue to have the opportunity to become a FORS practitioner, a credential aligned with the upcoming level 3 qualification in Safe, Green and Efficient Fleet Management. Complete each of the workshops numbered 1 to 9 below to receive your certificate. You can attend in any order, but each workshop takes you on a journey through the programme. 

Going for Bronze

Whether you are preparing for your assessment for the first time or addressing issues raised at a previous assessment, this workshop is specifically designed to guide and support you through the process from registration to bronze accreditation.

JAUPT approved  

From January 2013, all FORS workshops will be Driver CPC accredited.  This will give operators the opportunity to receive 7 hours Driver CPC training by attending two FORS workshops on the same day. Please note Driver CPC accredited places are limited and can only be booked by selecting the whole day event. Non Driver CPC accredited places are available on all courses by booking the morning and / or afternoon workshop sessions separately. If you are attending a Driver CPC course and would like to be registered to the DSA website, you must bring both parts of your driving licence on the day and the upload fee of £8.75 in cash.

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