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The Big Fish D&I Academy

The Big Fish D&I Academy is the one place where you can get Diversity & Inclusion training and expert advice aimed at practitioners. The Big Fish Academy was established by Voice At The Table and W2O Consulting & Training to drive professionalism in the Diversity & Inclusion profession and set the standards. We love to help those driving Diversity & Inclusion to be effective and have a bigger impact.


Why sink or swim? Just join our community and get all the help you need to get better at what you do.


We bring over 15 years of Diversity & Inclusion experience. This means by now we know what works and what doesn’t and always enjoy sharing that with others. We save you time as we keep on top of the latest research for you, follow trends and keep track of who is getting it right and achieving real impact.


We love to learn from others and share our experiences. That’s why we enjoy inviting experts to share their insights with you. Our comprehensive package of D&I support and learning includes training, webinars, FREE virtual expert interviews and resources. In this way we help you to: 1) Make a bigger impact in Diversity & Inclusion; 2) Learn to apply the latest tools, tips and techniques that work; and 3) Build a strong support group of other D&I professionals.


Our training, webinars and interviews are designed to: 1) Understand the most relevant topics and themes; 2) Share practical and vivid examples and case studies; and 3) Help you connect and build relationships with others like you.


We include best practice and latest expertise, as we draw on a wide network of experts to bring in as guest-speakers on specialist topics.  We aim to be highly interactive and inspiring. Our content is based on the latest brain research, is delivered with passion, fun, practical exercises and powerful personal stories.


Our culture is that of curiosity,  sharing and openness, as we know D&I is an area that continues to develop, and no one has all the answers. We acknowledge we can all learn as much from mistakes as from successes.