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The Royal Grammar School Worcester Apple RTC

The RGS ethos is to constantly look at ways to enhance the quality of our pupils’ learning, through creative thinking, critical analysis and hands-on learning. It is indisputable that young people in the early 21st century are learning in different ways from all previous generations. Virtually all children spontaneously use digital technology for a wide variety of educational purposes, communication and entertainment.

Our courses and training will focus on the curriculum‐enhancing opportunities and our courses will be focused on the development and use of the appropriate pedagogy as well as the right technology.
Our DLP is about giving our teachers the opportunities to provide learning experiences for every single student that will engage, support and challenge them to perform to the very best of their ability. We hope by opening a Regional Training Centre we can provide those opportunities for more teachers and more learners.

RTC Supported by Albion Computers
The Regional Training Centre at the Royal Grammar School Worcester is supported by Albion Computers a leading Apple Solution Expert for Education.
Albion provides Apple education solutions across the UK, working closely with educators to support and embed the use of innovative technology.

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