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The Symposium

The Symposium is an intimate community of diverse and passionate professionals, eager to confront challenging issues. We hold regular roundtable forums to explore technological advancement and its consequences for the human state. Our aim is to hold open, honest and thought provoking discussions. 

So far this year, The Symposium has gathered on 5 occassions:

#1. Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

#2. AI & Automation

#3. MedTech & Inequality

#3b. Digital Health & Longevity

#4. Big Data & Virtual Identities

Future sessions:

#5. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Realities (19/06)

The Sunset Symposium (08/07)

#6 Smart Cities & Sustainability (01/08)

#7 Automation & Transportation (12/09) 

Soirée (27/09)

#8 IoT & Connectivity  (31/10) 

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