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The Village Storytelling Festival

One of the most forward looking, inspiring pieces of storytelling programming I have seen in a long time!

Naomi Wilds, Adverse Camber


From epic tales of passion-filled adventure, lust and romance to stories of words of power that enchant our dreams and challenge social constructs, this tour de force of internationally acclaimed storytellers is not to be missed.


Guests include Jan Blake, The Devil’s Violin, Dominic Kelly, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Cat Gerrard, Tim Ralphs, Katrice Horsley, Michael Williams, David Campbell, Janis Mackay, Ailie Finlay, Xanthe Gresham-Knight, Ian Stephen, Tamar Williams and many more.


The Village Storytelling Festival celebrates and explores the art and application of storytelling past, present and future. Marking the 15th anniversary of ground-breaking Glasgow charity The Village Storytelling Centre, this four-day festival brings captivating performances by storytellers from across the UK with exciting new work, many of whom are performing in Glasgow for the first time.


Festival highlights include Tim Ralphs’ and Cat Gerrard’s new show The Four Chambers of the Heart with tales that will make your heart bump, bleed, break and flutter or enter the cinema of the mind with the Devil’s Violin sell-out show Forbidden Door. Former Storytelling Laureate, Katrice Horsley, explores the corsetry of social constructs her new show Clockwork, sure to make you laugh out loud while you ponder what makes us human. Ian Stephen will be premiering his new show commissioned especially for the festival – haunting Hebridean odyssey, Circumnavigation.


Not only that, but Adverse Camber will be bringing not one but TWO, of their powerful and absorbing shows, so immerse yourself in the majesty, passion and music of West Africa in an epic story of Mali, The Old Woman the Buffalo and The Lion of Manding, with Jan Blake AND breathe in the passion-filled adventure, lust and romance of the Shahnemeh with the incomparable Xanthe Gresham-Knight. 


The festival will feature performances by community groups (including Kinship carers, young people from different areas, older adults, and people with physical and learning disabilities) from across Glasgow, who have each worked with the Village Storytelling Centre, through story and another art form in a variety of different ways over the past year. From visual art, through dance and film to a digital soundscape, each group tells the story of their “Village” and what it means to them, in their own way. Running alongside the performances is a series of thought-provoking symposia which ask how storytelling benefits society and indeed, how this ancient tradition remains relevant and contemporary in the modern world. With expert speakers from the storytelling community and beyond, this is sure to inspire you, fire your imagination and generate robust debate.


The project was supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland Open Project Funding. 

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