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Three Wine Men

Three Wine Men are three great mates who love wine and want to share it with the world!  You will know them from the tv – Oz Clarke (the one who managed to get James May to move from beer to wine), Tim Atkin MW (recently named the 5th most influential wine expert in the world) and Olly Smith (aka Jolly Olly from BBC’s Saturday Kitchen). Now you can meet them in the flesh and come and taste with them.

If you’re new to wine and you have never been to a tasting, they want you here.  They will point you in the direction of some top tipples to taste and start you on the road to vinous pleasure.  If you are passionate about wine and cannot wait to share the next drop at a dinner party they want you to come and find something new and exciting.  If wine is important to you they want to show you the stuff you never knew existed.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert, an enthusiast or just enjoy the occasional slurp – when you arrive just grab a glass and join in.

These events give you the chance to taste wines of every type and every style all under one roof.  There’s red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine, sweet wine, natural wine, organic wine.  Whatever your taste we will find something to thrill you from your tongue to your toes. For the price of ticket you have an unlimited chance to taste hundreds of wines in one session.  As Oz Clarke says ‘If you can do that you are a better person than me!

You can buy too and many of the exhibitors will have special show offers so you can save money while stocking up the wine rack.

Wine is Oz, Tim and Olly’s passion and they want to share it with you!  So get ready to dip yourself in deliciousness.

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