Wilder Lives


Wilder Lives runs forest bathing events in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. A form of mindfulness practised in nature, forest bathing is the deeply relaxing experience of immersing yourself in the woods, taking in the forest through your senses. The practice originated in Japan, where studies have shown a large range of potential benefits including reducing stress, boosting the immune system, and decreasing feelings of anxiety and depression.

Sessions are guided by Liz Burfield. Liz grew up near the North Yorkshire Moors and has always loved being outdoors. Having practised mindfulness for several years as a way of helping to manage anxiety and depression, the way forest bathing combined this with time in nature made immediate sense to her. Liz trained with The Forest Bathing Institute in 2019 and wants as many people as possible to enjoy going into the woods and to experience the benefits of Forest Bathing+. Traditional mindfulness and meditation can seem daunting or inaccessible, but many of us instinctively feel that spending time outside does us good – Liz makes sure her friendly sessions help people of all backgrounds find their own connection with nature.