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The Complete Guide to Finding Your Event Venue

Finding a venue for your event can be a challenge, especially if you’re working with a limited budget or have specific requirements. Or perhaps you’re just overwhelmed by choice? With so many different types of venues, how do you know what will work best?

In this guide, we aim to show you how to select a venue that will not only suit your needs but really wow your guests too. We’ll delve into the impact a great venue can have, before looking at how to secure one, at the price you want.

This guide is for…

Organisers of all types of consumer, corporate and charity events, from parties and gigs to exhibitions and conferences.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use venue choice to increase event attendance
  • Evaluate a venue’s pros and cons
  • Negotiate the best deal with a venue

With the help of venue experts in the events industry, we talk about…

Types of venues for events

Venues come in many varieties and it’s worth looking beyond purpose-built options such as conference centres and hotels. Using a unique or unusual venue such as a museum, gallery or historic building can give your event added value and even increase your attendance. Discover even more unique space ideas in the guide, you might be surprised at just how unique you can go!

Importance of venue selection for an event

There have been many studies highlighting how our environment can affect the way we feel. For example, it’s been shown that bright colours help spark energy, while blue and green are calming. Other factors like light and noise can help facilitate learning and creativity, while interiors can encourage or discourage interaction between people.

It figures then, that event planners should give more than a passing thought to the venue in which their event takes place. The fact that a space has the capacity for your guests, is available and fits your budget, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good choice. Our guide will teach you how to think outside the box.

Venue requirements for an event – your event planning venue checklist

When choosing your venue, there are many requirements that must be ticked off before you can make that final call. You need to consider capacity, location, any required licences, and accessibility. But there are many more, and some of them would not be front of mind when you start that search. Make sure you have all requirements covered – check out the guide to make sure your event planning venue checklist is complete.

For more on all of this, including how to structure an RFP, negotiation tips to get the venue price just right and a curated supplier directory, download our guide now – just enter your details and you are good to go. Good luck with your venue search!

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