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Eventbrite’s Directory of Sustainable Suppliers and Organisations

Whether you organise conferences or festivals, pop-ups or triathlons, making your event more sustainable should be (very) near the top of your list, but we know it can be difficult to get started. There are many factors to consider and lots of available solutions – deciding on what to tackle first and then finding the right solution only adds to the seemingly endless list of what needs to be covered before the day of your event. So, how do you make sure that your sustainable focus doesn’t fall off the list?

We spoke with a host of event organisers who are already taking steps towards going greenand some who are already there, to find out how they have managed it. Along the way, we compiled a selection of organisations and suppliers who can help make the journey easier. Enter your details to unlock the Directory of Sustainable Organisations and Suppliers and hopefully, your path to a more sustainable event is made easier.

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