We know that event organisers are a social bunch…always ready to lend a hand, offer up an opinion or ask for help when needed.

But there’s nowhere online dedicated to just letting you hang out, discuss what’s on your mind and ask or answer your burning questions.

Well now there is, and it’s called EventTribe.

We’ve built it and will support it…but this community is yours. Share top tips, help each other out, share great content or just browse what’s going on – whatever you’re comfortable with.

Our commitment is to make it a great place to hang out, free of overtly commercial interests and self-promotion, poor quality content, or any negative vibes.

That’s not to say disagreement¬†isn’t allowed, but any criticisms have to be made of the idea, not the person, and in a constructive way. There’s always room for opposing views, so long as they’re shared politely.

So what’s going on right now?

EventTribe posts

That’s just a small selection.

Got something you’d like to add to one of the discussions? Fancy starting one yourself, sharing some content or asking a question? EventTribe is your place to do it, so why not go ahead and get started¬†today.