When events are your business, numbers count. Last year, our creators reached 83 million unique buyers through Eventbrite. That’s an incredible opportunity to tap into new audiences and sell more tickets and produce more events.

In the first quarter of 2022, paid events per Eventbrite creator averaged 3.2 events for the first quarter, compared to 2.7 events in the same quarter of 2019. In other words, you’re stepping up your game to meet consumer demand.

Of course, the more events you produce, the more events you promote. And spreading the word about one event – let alone many events  – takes time.

That’s why we built Eventbrite Boost with all the automation you need to save time and money. As Eventbrite’s all-in-one event marketing platform, Boost lets you put your marketing on cruise control. From managing your email lists to getting more followers on Instagram to running social media ad campaigns, Boost’s automation tools power your growth.

Eventbrite Boost helps you improve your return on ad spend and sell more tickets with automation

More events = more tickets to sell. But with Boost’s Multi-Event Ads, selling more tickets doesn’t mean more marketing. Multi-Event Ads let you market your entire event calendar with one campaign and one low budget.

Mateen Hepburn, Director at Busspepper Promotions, uses Multi-Event Ads to sell out their monthly Caribbean cultural events at upmarket venues across London, and sees a 3.4x ROAS in the process. As he tells us, “I instantly fell in love with Boost. The reporting is fantastic, and I find it really easy to use. I don’t need to become an advertising expert. I just need to grow and create great events. That’s what a simplified system like Boost helps us do.”

Eventbrite Boost helps you reach more people with automation

Your event promotion is as successful as your targeting. When you advertise to the right people, your marketing budget goes further; after all, you’re showing your ads to interested parties. Whether you want to reach event-goers in your region or fans of your event genre, Boost’s Audience Targeting uses Eventbrite data to unlock next-level access to your best customers.

Couple Audience Targeting with Multi-Event Ads, and you’ve got an event marketing superpower on your hands. Using Multi Event Ads means you’re promoting your events to a target group of event-goers proven to be interested in your events.

Plus, ensuring that all of your events are advertised on social media means you’ll be building a consistent brand presence. And showing up on the social channels where your fans spend time means you’re a step closer to driving a steady flow of ticket sales or RSVPs.

Eventbrite Boost saves you time with automation

The most valuable resource any event creator has is time. Boost’s automation tools save you time on marketing, so you can spend it on developing your events. Debbie Corbett, co-creator of Durham Pride reports that using Eventbrite as a ticketing platform instils confidence in ticket purchasers, as “it’s an established name that people trust”. For the Durham Pride team, streamlined marketing – and a tiered ticketing system – saves time and generates valuable revenue for next year’s event.

Boost’s email marketing tools give you access to easy-to-populate templates. Plus, thanks to our Canva integration, social media ads have never been simpler or sleeker. Perks like pre-filled event details let you build and launch your campaigns in just a few clicks.

Eventbrite Boost’s automation tools are here to save you time – the time you need and deserve to take your business to the next level.

Learn how to create Multi-Event Ads on Eventbrite Boost

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