Eventbrite Presents: Generation DIY

Meet the new wave of young promoters aged 25 and under, pushing events culture forward around the UK.

Featured in a five-part series of short films, shot in London, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

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About the people in the film:

  • With a degree in journalism and media law under her belt, Kaiya (24) is CEO for music management firm and label Off Balance, founder of the Women In Music UK and Sorority House collectives and founder of Goddess Fest, a music festival that features an entirely all-female lineup.

  • Ludo (25) is one half of the DIY-minded duo behind Femme Culture, along with vocalist and producer Elkka. She has helped turn Femme Culture into a game-changing cultural hub, collective and platform to champion women in the arts and LGBTQ community.

  • Room For Rebellion are the London-based crew who are putting the politics back into partying. Specifically, they’re campaigning to overturn Ireland’s draconian abortion laws with their crack team of women from across Northern Ireland and the Republic, including founder Isis O’Regan, Anna Cafolla, Jess Brien, Hollie Boston and Cait Fahy (all 25 or under).

  • Ryan (25) is a South London based food writer, stylist and founder of Life Kitchen, a charity initiative that provides free cookery classes to people living with cancer and their families, that has been featured in The Guardian, Metro, Vice and more.

  • The S+K Project is a theatre and performing arts company with the objective to make the arts for everyone, launched in September 2014 under the direction of theatre-makers Malakaï Sargeant (19) and Steven Kavuma.

  • Seshie (22) is the founder of I AM NEXT, an events platform that promotes and nurtures homegrown and global talent. Launched in 2013 when Seshie was just 16, the company has hosted the likes of Giggs, Skepta, Lethal Bizzle alongside giving the new generation of emerging artists a platform to perform.

  • London-based DJ collective UNITI aka Alice Bettinger (21) and Englesia Monica (20) are carving out much-needed safe spaces with their parties, in which like-minded LGBTQ+, non-binary and femme-identifying artists, clubbers and musicians can express themselves.


About the people in the film:

  • Profiled by DAZED in their ‘guide to the black Brits doing cool things in 2017’ Chanté Joseph (22) is a writer and events organiser whose Bristol Is The New Black collective offer discussions and networking opportunities to young people of colour in the city.

  • Concrete Jungyals, headed up by Amy Glover (23) and Tiffany Lefuke (24) are an all-female creative Bristol collective who produce parties and events which support one another and create a sense of solidarity and mutual promotion for other female and non-binary creatives in the city.

  • Coordinating fierce rap battles in Bristol and beyond, Danny Pandolfi AKA Craft-D (23), is a poet, rapper, event organiser and formidable battle MC. His Raise The Bar night offers a spotlight to some of the city’s finest young poets and spoken word artists.

  • Operating at the centre of a community of artists making colourful, genre-spanning rhythmic club music, Jake (24) aka DJ Stolen is founder of Super Kitchen, a label-cum-collective of producers creating hybridised, hyperreal club sounds which blend strands of Kuduro, UK funky and Latin American polyrhythms to irresistible effect.

  • Events organiser and performer Jo (24) is the founder of THORNY, a bright, playful, queer platform for lesser heard voices in Bristol and beyond. Since its inception in 2015, THORNY has become a vital component of the city’s experimental artistic community.

  • As part of the Bristol Old Vic’s Young Directors scheme, Julia (21) is a driving force in the city’s experimental theatre community. She is an associate artist at Fen – a creative interdisciplinary collective of South West theatre makers interested in producing work embedded in the heritage of the region.


About the people in the film:

  • Forij, aka Mobolaji Agoro (25), André Serraino (25) and Angus Mclachlan (22), are a collective at the forefront of shaping Glasgow’s music scene. From throwing riotous, genre-defying parties in the city’s empty spaces to releasing albums by Glaswegian musicians, Forij provide platforms for independent rappers, grime and trap artists.

  • Hashim (22) started Hawkchild DIY when he was just 15 as a distraction from his forthcoming exams. Today Hawkchild has grown to become a multi-platform project that releases records and puts on concerts, club nights and European tours.

  • Kacie aka K4CIE (25) is the founder of Peach, a forward-thinking night that aims to encourage women to come out and dance in a male dominated environment whilst challenging the dominance of techno in Glasgow by delving into the best of the city’s rap, trap and grime.

  • Sofya Staune and Holly McGowan - both 24 - collaborate together as VAJ.Power, an animation collective born while both were studying at Glasgow School of Art. Through events, they explore how animation, visuals and lights transform clubbing environments.

  • Where People Sleep is an arts collective comprised of Amy DG (21), Samantha Dick (22) and Shaheeda Sinckler (22) that uses a combination of art curation and event promotion to explore prevalent topics that are all-too-often overlooked - such as identity, the male gaze and how the internet affects our relationships.


About the people in the film:

  • Aliyah (21) is a poet, curator, podcaster and producer whose events focus on ensuring that people of all backgrounds, particularly those underrepresented by the Birmingham’s art centres and institutions, have the space to express themselves.

  • Dan (25) is one of the driving forces behind queer Birmingham: a lead curator for Birmingham Pride, he has been promoter for the city’s Nightingale Club since 2012, and is founder of their community-minded, flagship night Glittershit.

  • Namiwa Jazz (22) is a multi-tasking songwriter, poet and activist, whose Namiwa Change Formation aims to support the personal and professional development of women of colour in the West Midlands area.

  • George Hadley (22) and Brad Price (22) are the team behind Sum Cellar, one of Birmingham’s leading club nights, which has been mixing up the speaker-shaking sounds of garage, bass, grime and house since 2015

  • Zeddie Lawal (23) is a member of Beatfreeks, a collective using creativity to empower people to challenge themselves and the world they find themselves in. From hosting packed out monthly open poetry mic nights to helping organisations running youth communication campaigns to grow their audiences, Beatfreeks fuel conversations and concepts that help inspire people to challenge the ways of the world.

  • Birmingham-raised stand up comedian Gabby Killick (24) has been organising and plugging her own gigs since 2014. She is currently touring her critically-acclaimed one woman show, Girlfriend From Hell.


About the people in the film:

  • B.L.O.O.M stands for Beautiful Ladies Organising Orgasmic Music, which is a fair elevator pitch for what Phoebe Rowe (22), Sofia Wrazen (22) and Kitty Bartlett (24) offer Manchester. Through events, they’re increasing the visibility of women in music in the city.

  • Lucien Sargent (23) and Lloyd Forse (24) are the duo aiming to make Manchester a more inclusive, experimental place. As BOYGIRL, they put on playful club nights, programme local talent, produce mixes and release music from some of Manchester’s hottest nascent talent.

  • David (25) founded record label and events company Ad Hoc while he was still a student at Manchester University. Today, Ad Hoc is a five-man band that releases music, represents artists, runs a radio station and puts on events throughout Manchester.

  • Led by Sophie Billington (21) and Nella Navari (22), the five members aged between 20 and 23 who make up Funraising harness the happenings in Manchester’s vibrant nightlife and collaborate with them for the greater good, raising awareness and funds for smaller charities.

  • Promoter trio Lily Fothergill (22), Jonah Ogbuneke (23) and Jack Houghton (22) put on everything from art exhibitions and conferences to club nights to raise much-needed funds and awareness for Manchester’s homeless people.

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