Event signage may seem like the most basic of all event details. But if you get it wrong, your entire attendee experience is at risk. Without clear and concise signage directing your attendees and helping them find what they’re looking for, any event will quickly descend into chaos.

Signs don’t need to be utilitarian, though. Because of their highly visual nature, signs provide plenty of opportunities to promote your brand, and – when appropriate – your sponsors. So how can you wow your guests with event signage that’s not just clear and concise, but also memorable?

The event signage you absolutely must have

Once your venue is booked and your site map is established, comb through the attendee experience beginning to end from their perspective.

These will vary slightly from event to event (especially from a corporate conference to a big music festival), but the essential signage every event must have includes:

  • Restrooms
  • Stages
  • Entrance/welcome
  • Queues
  • Social sharing handles/hashtags
  • Food and drink vendors
  • Electronic charging stations
  • Ticket or registration packet pick up
  • Informational kiosks/customer service
  • Exit/thank you for attending

Creative event signage ideas to delight attendees

Once you’ve established where you need event signage, think about how you can use those signs to make the most impact. Each sign is a touch point with your attendees, and each time they come into contact with your brand is a chance to impress.

For inspiration, here are 20 event signage ideas to improve the attendee experience.

Event signage idea #1: Stair wraps

A message or image seen from the bottom of stairs or an escalator, a stair wrap is a pretty surprising way to brand an unexpected spot at your event and direct attendees to where they need to go.

Event signage idea #2: Barriers

The barriers used to create an entry chute that funnels attendees smoothly into your check-in point is a prominent place to put directional messaging, as well as sponsor and branding information. 

Event signage idea #3: Natural landscape

If your venue is outdoors, use the landscape to complement your signage. For instance, nestle a sign within the plants, or use trees to cover unattractive poles.

Event signage idea #4 Graffiti walls

One unique way to display your social media info is with a graffiti wall. To really connect with your venue’s community, partner with a local artist. Be sure to include your event hashtag and social handles.

Event signage idea #5: Furniture

Tabletops and printed chairs offer unusual but highly visible spaces to display your event signage and brand. Consider a blanket with your event name or branded pillows to add more information.

Event signage idea #6: Banners

Traditional, but a versatile and budget-friendly option. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, banners can be repurposed for future events. They can work as a welcome sign or an easy-to-spot registration area.

Event signage idea #7: Gobo projections

A gobo is a customisable stencil you can place inside or in front of a light source that changes the shape of the emitted light. It’s easy to put in effect and can come in handy if you’re in a venue with restrictions on decorations. Alternatively, projection signage is a digital version of gobos, but are best used against large, plain walls or surfaces (like the floor or tables).

Event signage idea #8: Script balloons

19 Event Signage Ideas to Improve the Attendee Experience

You can choose from a variety of fonts and colours to create a festive balloon letter sign for any part of your event. Use them for the welcome sign, name of your event, or your food and beverage stations.

Event signage idea #9: Helium marketing balloons

Perfect for outdoor events, these oversized balloons can be seen from all over. They’re great as a location marker or a special sponsorship opportunity, just remember to tie them properly on a windy day.

Event signage idea #10: Floating signs

These acrylic signs give the effect of floating in the air, and can be used on table tops or scaled up to something bigger, depending on your needs. They also can be used as another branding or sponsorship opportunity. 

Event signage idea #11: Step and repeat wall

A step and repeat wall is a backdrop with repeating logos, often seen along the red carpet of movie premieres and lavish galas. Glam them up by adding an event photographer to snap attendee entrance photos. Also doubles as another sponsorship opportunity that’ll gain a boost from being the first thing everyone sees.

Event signage idea #12: Neon lights

19 Event Signage Ideas to Improve the Attendee Experience

Colourful neon signs add a cool and distinctive effect on event signage. Although it can be pricey for a custom neon sign, it can be worth the investment, especially if you can use it for multiple events.

Event signage idea #13: Free-standing oversized sign

If you have space, it can be worth investing in making a big impact with an oversized sign. Not only a photo opp for attendees, like a giant welcome sign with your event logo, but is also a chance to collaborate with a local artist to make something one-of-a-kind. 

Event signage idea #14: Props

With some creativity, you can use almost anything to create signage, especially if you want to make something unique. Keep the props within your theme. For example, if your event is Hawaii-themed, you can incorporate driftwood or tiki glasses for menus. 

Event signage idea #15: Handwritten boards

Ideal for menu options or seating charts, adding a handwritten touch gives attendees a sense of warmth. Chalkboards are a popular option, but similar to the props, you can get creative and use almost anything depending on your event theme. Practice your calligraphy or find someone with really nice handwriting.

Event signage idea #16: Floor graphics

Another area of unused space? The floor. Add signage down there to help with event flow, or add signage decals with some decorative flair. It can also be used as another sponsorship or branding opportunity.

Event signage idea #17: Social media photo zone

Different than step and repeats, this is a less formal and more social media friendly option. The advantage of this signage is it creates excellent sponsorship possibilities and attendee engagement. Ensure your photo zone area has your event related hashtag and handles prominently displayed so you’re able to scroll through all the fun selfies at the end of the day.

Event signage idea #18: Topiary letters

Whether they’re real or fake, using greens and foliage for your signage can be a showstopper. Even small touches of topiary are effective and stunning, and of course, another natural photo opp.

Event signage idea #19: Signposts

For larger events, signposts are a clear way to direct the flow of traffic to multiple areas, and help to navigate the space for unfamiliar attendees. In addition to being informational, you can add touches of creativity — like hand-painted lettering — to make them stand out more. 

How to work event signage into a broader onsite strategy

Your event’s onsite requirements go far beyond cohesive signage. Read our Guide to Eventbrite’s Onsite Tech Solutions to ensure you have every base covered for your attendees’ onsite needs.

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