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Start Your Dream Event During National Events Month

Today marks the start of the 2015 Britain for Events and National Events Month (#NEMO) campaigns, which we’re proud to be supporting again this year.

Britain for Events is a great initiative that highlights the importance and impact of events, and those who work in the industry, to the UK economy as a whole. Even the Prime Minister is a fan, saying “I am delighted again to congratulate Britain for Events for its admirable and tireless work in promoting the country and its many talents to the world.”

Britain really is better off for having a healthy, innovative and passionate community of event entrepreneurs.

But how does this effect you?

Well, we’ve teamed up with the Britain for Events initiative to help encourage you to start your own event in October, as part of National Events Month (#NEMO).

However big or small your idea, why not start an event this month?

Getting your idea off the ground doesn’t have to be complicated, and to demystify the process of launching your own event, we’re publishing a video each weekday this month to show you, step-by-step, exactly how to start your own event.

We’ll take you from strategic planning to promotion, via all the logistics, budgeting and finding suppliers that you need to make your first event a huge success.

Why not make a start by watching today’s lesson on how to set goals for your event, and then follow along each day?

The videos are all short – around 5 minutes each – and packed full of usual, actionable information.

One final thought before you set off on your journey to starting your dream event: Glastonbury, TED, Tough Mudder…they all started out as just an idea until their founders took that first step to making them a reality.

Why not take your first step towards starting an event today and be a part of one of Britain’s most creative and thriving sectors?

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